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CD & PMD Testing

Eliminating factors which disrupt fibre performance

If your fibre covers a long distance, it’s likely you’ll be aware of some of the factors which can compromise its effectiveness. These include CD (Chromatic Dispersion) and PMD (Polarization Mode Dispersion).

At Blue Network, we can help you to avoid these limiting factors. Our expert staff use the latest state-of-the-art EXFO test equipment to measure the integrity of your fibre, wherever you are in the world. As we own our own machines, we don't have to rely on third parties, simplifying the chain of processes involved in your project. This also means we are able to deploy our staff quickly and get started on your project right away, minimising any potential downtime for your network and business.

For your peace of mind, each piece of equipment we use is tested and serviced to the highest standards. We carry out work to such a high quality that we’ve even completed comprehensive subsea testing for some of the main carriers in Europe. Here’s an introduction to some of the equipment we have at our disposal, ready to put to work on your project:

  • FTB-5500B – Polarisation Mode Analyser – PMD represents a risk to your network, reducing quality and introducing errors. The FTB-5500B Polarisation Mode Analyser can help you to verify your current capacity and illuminate the need for upgrades. It’s compliant with stringent quality standards and is designed to be hard-wearing – perfect for testing in the field.
  • FTB 5800 – Chromatic Dispersion Analyser – this piece of equipment offers full verification of CD in your network, helping to reduce pulse broadening and poor quality transmission. It’s been designed especially for long-haul applications, providing fast and accurate results even in hostile environments.
  • FLS-5800A – CD/PMD Analyser Source – using super LEDs (SLEDS), the FLS-5800A CD/PMD Analyser Source's high modulation means that it can be used in combination with the FTB 5800 Chromatic Dispersion Analyser. As you'll be testing for CD using amplifiers, you'll get the most accurate results.
  • FTB-700E – Ultra Long-haul OTDR Module – when you need to precisely characterise your cables over long distances, the FTB-700E Ultra Long-haul OTDR Module has the power and accuracy to do so, up to 200km. This technology is able to source and identify faults even in long links and offers both single and dual wavelength configurations.
  • FIP-400 Fibre Inspection Probe – fibre inspection is quicker and easier than ever before with our innovative FIP-500 Fibre Inspection Probes. Getting consistent and accurate readings becomes a one-step process that’s also fully automated to save time. The inspection probes also offer the highest of digital image quality, as well as three different levels of magnification. There’s never been a simpler or more intelligent way to test the integrity of your fibres.

The team at Blue Network have the experience and knowledge necessary to test for PMD and CD using the technologies above. For more information, discover the technical specifications of our products, or find out what causes PMD and CD.


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