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Wireless Bridge Link Specialists

Getting more out of your wireless network

Extend the reach of your network with one of our wireless bridge links. They work by taking a signal from your wireless router and communicating it to your wired machines and devices. They can also be used to combine two wired networks together.

Here at Blue Network, we use our experience and knowledge of the industry to create wireless bridge links which are not only powerful and effective, but reliable too. In fact, we’ve personally field-tested them to guarantee their integrity. To further ensure quality, we only work alongside global market leaders, such as Geodesy, Ubiquiti and LigoWave. As a result, you’ll receive the best after-sales support long after your service or installation. Combine this with our tried-and-tested installation methods and renowned design techniques, and you have a seamless service.

Here are some of the specific wireless bridge links we offer:

PtP – PtP (point to point) wireless bridges allow you to connect two (or more) locations or APs (access points) and enable communication between them. The aim is to create a chain of local area networks, across which data and files can be shared by different users. Point to point networks are also a more affordable alternative to leased lines. Point to point bridges are highly reliable, with high speeds and quick and easy installation. They’re versatile and flexible in their usage, and can also be easily monitored. Point to point networks make it easy to simplify and manage your network while simultaneously maximising what you get out of it.

PtMP – PtMP (point to multi-point) wireless bridge links work much in the same way as point to point links, apart from that they can connect multiple networks together. They are most commonly used in outdoor applications, to attach several networks to one central location. Usually, these connected networks don't have communication between themselves but instead, feed into the centralised network. These additional networks are sometimes referred to as "client locations", while the central network is either the "base station" or alternatively, "access point".  Point to multi-point bridges are also a cheaper alternative to the traditional leased lines.

Installation from the experts in all types of wireless bridge links

If you’d like to connect your networks, we can provide a quick and effective service based on our years of experience in the industry. In fact, in many cases, we can install your point to point or point to multi-point wireless bridge links without a license fee to save you money.

To ensure that your wireless bridge links perform to their optimum capacity year after year, we also offer annual maintenance. Regularly updating and checking the components of your wireless network catches any potential issues before they occur and saves you costly downtime and disruptive problems down the line. After your initial investment, these annual check-ups will incur only a small maintenance fee. Our team are happy to answer any queries or concerns you may have around your wireless bridge links, either during installation or afterwards.


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