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Wireless Survey & Networking Solutions

Optimising your wireless landscape

More than ever, we’re seeing the need for collaboration and harmony between wireless and existing cable networks. In instances where there are a number of components all working together, perhaps all of which have even been installed at different times, it can be difficult to gain a comprehensive overview of how everything is performing.

This is where our experts come in. The team at Blue Network can conduct extensive surveys to 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards. During this time, we’ll be able to effectively identify any aspects of your network which aren’t performing or fulfilling your overall needs as a business. It may be that some components are old and need to be replaced, or perhaps others have been deployed incorrectly and therefore need to be repaired or amended.

To present our findings, we compile a detailed and thorough survey report for your reference. This will include our discoveries during the survey stage, as well as any proposed new installations. We also focus on future-proofing your network as much as possible, so will indicate any potential sources of interference, such as microwave ovens or Bluetooth devices. This will help you to better understand your network and optimise its performance.

As well as indoor, we offer outdoor wireless projects. With our specialised access equipment, we can even install networks in hard to reach areas. Here are some of our main survey services:

  • Indoor and outdoor commercial WLAN – we can survey both indoor and outdoor WLAN (wireless local area networks).
  • Wireless site surveys – new deployments – if you'd like peace of mind that a new implementation is up to scratch, we can help and provide transparency.
  • Wireless site surveys – problematic deployments – even with the best intentions, sometimes unexpected issues arise and wireless network deployments simply don’t go to plan. We can help you to pinpoint any hiccups after a problematic rollout and find a way forward.
  • Wireless hotspot deployment – if you’ve recently installed physical Wi-Fi hotspots where people can connect and gain internet access, we can survey speed and effectiveness to boost performance. We can also deploy wireless hotspots to your exact specifications.
  • Ethernet bridges – Ethernet bridges connect two separate networks, or they add remote machines to a local area network. We can install these Ethernet bridges, or alternatively survey their integrity.
  • Wireless access points and WLAN controllers – wireless access points are hardware devices which allow internet access. WLAN controllers can be utilised in conjunction with LWAPP (Lightweight Access Point Protocol) to manage traffic wireless traffic and consolidate management. We can install new WLAN controllers and assess their performance.
  • Locationing and asset tracking technology – if you use technology such as RFID (Radio-frequency identification), GPS (Global Positioning System) or BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to track physical assets, we can install these technologies or measure their success. Locationing – also known as LBS (Location-based Service) – refers to software which deploys features based on location data. This is particularly useful in marketing and advertising. We can assist with locationing and testing its effectiveness.


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  • "Whilst some building work was being carried out on campus a critical fibre link was damaged. Blue Network Solutions had an engineer on site within 4 hours and soon after our link was repaired, tested and back up and running as if nothing had happened." - Adrian Fisher, AFA

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