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Network Support & Emergency Call-Out

Support when you need it the most

We understand how critical connectivity is to your business, and that when a network goes down, or a fault compromises performance, you need expert support as soon as possible.

That’s why here at Blue Network, we offer a dedicated 24/7 support system. Whatever the time, whatever your problem, we can get you back online as quickly and seamlessly as possible, helping you to avoid costly outages.

What’s more, our expert contractors cover the entirety of the UK for your peace of mind. For our WLAN and network cabling customers who have an ongoing support contract with us, we can be with you in as little as four hours after you call us. We use our specialised equipment, knowledge of the industry and innovative methods to quickly source and trouble-shoot the problem and minimise disruption.

Service contract case study

Here’s an example of a typical service contract, so you can build up a picture of what our support might mean to you and your business.

Client: Corporate
Location: UK
Number of sites: 19
Contract: 2009- present
Wireless network: two separate VLANs (guess access and stock control) 280 x Cisco 1242ag – 150 x Cisco 1142

For this specific client, we have offered support for their wireless local area network for a number of years. This includes services such as receiving and acting upon alerts, generated when the client’s network drops offline. This helps them to fix any problems, which could potentially spiral into larger issues, early and in a cost-effective manner. We also take care of their support calls, which occur throughout a total of 19 auction centres across the UK.

If the client encounters any problems with their devices or computer power supply, we can either fix or swap it. Similarly, we support all of their cabled infrastructures and can either replace or mend if any breakages or faults occur. Our expert team can work on both indoor and outdoor applications for the client, and thanks to our specialised equipment, can work in difficult to reach areas or across long distances.

Considering a network support and emergency call-out contract with Blue Network

Support contracts give you the invaluable peace of mind that in the unlikely event of a component in your network malfunctioning, experts are on-hand to advise and get you back up and running as soon as possible. Our support contracts are available for all of our customers, regardless of your original service. We'll send out the contractors closest to you, and the ones who have the most experience in your specific area for a tailored and streamlined service.

If you're debating whether or not to take up an ongoing support contract with us, or would like continuous guidance and help following an implementation, feel free to get in touch for an obligation-free chat.

You can find out more about the projects we work on and the services we offer on our latest news page.

Emergency Network Support Img

To speak to a member of the team please contact us for further details on 0845 434 7422 or email

What Our Clients Say

  • "Whilst some building work was being carried out on campus a critical fibre link was damaged. Blue Network Solutions had an engineer on site within 4 hours and soon after our link was repaired, tested and back up and running as if nothing had happened." - Adrian Fisher, AFA

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