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'Virtual Team' Specialist Resource

In-house experts to help you get the most out of your network

Need specialist knowledge in a specific area? Here at Blue Network, we can offer tailored resources to carrier networks based in the UK. Whether you’d like extra expertise in basic telecoms to train your staff, or would like a contractor with commissioning experience with transmission equipment, we’re on hand to help.

Our engineers can be with you anywhere in the UK or throughout Europe, on both a planned and emergency basis. Whether you need a long, medium or short contract, or perhaps help on consistent or frequent projects, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. Here are some of the experts we can deploy to your carrier network:

Telecoms and data installers – our experts can complete contracts which involve the implementation of both telecoms and data software and hardware.

Basic commissioners and commissioners – get sign off on a range of projects with our basic commissioners and commissioners.

Project managers – rest assured in the knowledge that your project is in safe hands by passing it onto one of our project managers. They’ll oversee work from ideation to completion, delegating tasks and ensuring everything is running in line with both your schedule and budget. With experience in both small and large-scale projects, our managers have the experience and knowledge to get things moving.

CD and PMD testing engineers – our engineers can perform quality Chromatic Dispersion and Polarisation Mode Dispersion testing in line with quality guidelines.

Transmission site builds – ensure a smooth and hassle-free transmission site construction with our experienced contractors.

Fibre splicers – fibre splicers connect optical fibres using heat, repairing fibres if they have been broken or developed a fault. Our fibre splicers can work on any simple or complex project.

RF engineers – our radio frequency engineers can fix any faults which may have occurred in wireless equipment, radios, or cellular phones.

Escort and security duties for unmanned sites – protect remote sites with our escort and security specialists.

Logistics services – make your large-scale or long distance projects simpler and easier with our logistics services. We can iron out transport, timings and suppliers.

What are the benefits of a ‘virtual team’?

Whether you currently have skills and knowledge gaps in your organisation, or just need access to an individual with a specialism for a short time, our virtual team can step in whenever you need them. While they work away at what they’re best at, you’re left with more time and energy to spend driving your business forward.

We can deploy our engineers and contractors at any location throughout the UK or Europe, and they are available on a range of different contract types. Whether you have a large project coming up that you need some extra assistance with, or an emergency has occurred and you need extra power, you can get in touch to talk to us about our virtual team today.

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To speak to a member of the team please contact us for further details on 0845 434 7422 or email

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