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Business Network Health Checks

Network downtime is not only inconvenient – it can have a far-reaching impact on your business’s bottom line. Here at Blue Network, we understand that it’s easy for issues to spiral out of control – which is why we offer efficient and expert maintenance and checks for your network. Our health checks help to remove these potentially costly disruption issues by eliminating the root cause.

Our expert engineers can carry out fibre, copper and wireless LAN testing and maintenance. The latest equipment from market leaders such as Fluke Networks and EXFO ensures we get to the cause of the problem as soon as possible and catch any developing problems.

What’s more, we can implement our services overnight or during periods of planned downtime to minimise any inconvenience for you and your business. Once we’re finished, you’re free to get back to what you do best: driving your business forward.

Helping solve your connectivity issues

Lack of connectivity can seriously impact on employee productivity as well as your company’s output. Such connectivity issues can also worsen and degrade over time if left unchecked.

If your business uses a wireless network and you are experiencing consistent difficulties trying to connect, we can investigate possible causes and troubleshoot accordingly. Common issues include bandwidth discrepancies, congested networks and malfunctioning routers. Our experienced team work quickly and efficiently to reduce any impact on your business.

Quality of service issues in Voice over Internet Protocol  

Voice over Internet Protocol is essential for holding meetings, communicating with clients and sharing ideas with stakeholders. Poor quality can reflect badly on your business or even lead to missed opportunities.

If you’re experiencing quality dips in your Voice over Internet Protocol, such as mouth to ear delay, talker echo or distortion, we can help to pinpoint and resolve these issues. Often, these difficulties arise during upgrades and implementations of existing software. We can ensure you can complete required projects without worrying about QoS degradation when it comes to your VoIP.

Streamlining copper and cable fibre connectivity

Whether your network utilises copper or cable fibres, we can assist with any connectivity issues which may arise. These may range from bandwidth problems slowing you down to upgrade complications and contaminated fibres. Working efficiently at a time that suits your business, we can get to the bottom of connectivity issues and streamline your processes to make those day-to-day operations as effective as possible.

Regular network audits and reviews   

Whether you’re considering a cable upgrade or just want to make sure everything is working as it should be, the expert team at Blue Network are available to test, evaluate and analyse your connectivity speed and performance, clueing you in on its general health. We can also provide suggestions on next steps and how to get more out of your network. Our priority is always keeping any disruption for you and your business down to a minimum, as well as returning you to optimum speed and efficiency.

To talk to us about our network health checks, get in touch with Blue Network for a consultation.

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To speak to a member of the team please contact us for further details on 0845 434 7422 or email

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